JD completes Integral Facilitation Certification

I recently completed the most intensive course of study since I was enrolled in graduate school in the 1980s. My growing interest in mediation, conflict resolution and working with group dynamics led me to research a number of schools and study programs centered on these topics. At the same time, I was following the work of several individuals steeped in Integral Theory and the work of Ken Wilbur. Both of these topics came together in a serendipitous confluence when I discovered the Integral Facilitator Certification training program offered through Ten Directions (www.tendirections.com).

The course was led by Diane Hamilton - an exceptionally gifted mediator, group facilitator,andoneoftheauthenticcontemporaryspiritualteachersofourtime. Diane was the first Director of the Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Utah Judiciary,wheresheestablishedmediationprogramsthroughoutthecourtsystem. She has worked with Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute since 2004.

The IFC Program was 9-months of online training and practice, including three week- long intensive sessions in Salt Lake City, Utah. The 20 participants in the course represented eight countries and a variety of backgrounds in coaching, consulting, group facilitation, education, psychology and personal development. The skills we honed over the 9-months included:

  • Developing personal awareness, stable embodied presence and multi-modal perspective taking

  • How to maintain a responsive command of group dynamics including shifting emotional states

  • How to create coherence and shared intention – including visions, goals and objectives

  • How to negotiate complex, entrenched conflicts

  • How to identify and transmute individual and group shadow

  • How to apply supportive and efficient structures and methods for organizing

    I'm excited to bring these new skills to my coaching, mediation and group facilitation practicesatKeepingThePeaceMediation. Ifyou'dliketoknowmoreabouttheIFC program and the value I grained from it, please contact me - I'm happy to share additional information.