Mediating Domestic Relations Workshop Recap

Patty and I attended a one-day workshop in Denver on April 15 on mediating domestic relations.  The training was offered through the Colorado Court Services Division's Office of Dispute Resolution and included presentations by judges, magistrates, attorneys, mediators and court administrators. 

It was a full day, packed with good information on the different aspects of this important area of mediation.  Topics included:

  • the court's role in domestic relationship cases
  • drafting memorandums of understanding
  • parenting agreements
  • property and maintenance issues
  • domestic violence, and
  • ethical issues

There were several panel discussions that provided insight into how judges handle domestic relationship cases and what they expect from mediators.

My biggest take-aways from the day were the importance of understanding the basic documentation and statutes covering domestic relationships, the various resources available to mediators and our clients through the court system, and when to refer clients to legal assistance.

Both Patty and I are trained in the area of domestic relationships with experience in handling many of the issues covered in the program.  This workshop helped us sharpen our skills, get updated on recent legislative changes, and network with fellow mediators from across the state. 

If you're dealing with a divorce or separation, need to develop a parenting plan or are wanting to develop skills around effectively managing conflict in your relationship, get in touch with us to set up an appointment.

- JD