Compassionate Communication - based on nonviolent communication, created by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. 

Non Violent Communication (NVC), is a language and consciousness of compassion that can dramatically improve our relationships, both personal and professional. NVC focuses our attention on what is “alive” in this moment; what you are feeling and the needs behind it, and what the other person is feeling and his/her needs; rather than focusing on judgement; who is right and who is wrong.
NVC leads us to a deep connection between people that flows from honestly and vulnerably expressing our own feelings and needs, and empathically listening to the other person’s feelings and needs. Many people find it useful to learn NVC through training and/or a study group. Individuals who have taken a Level 1 or 2 course find it helpful to continue to practice and develop their NVC skills through ongoing practice groups.

"NVC has transformed my life – and I am thrilled to be co-creating a
community with all of the NVCers (A.K.A. “groovy giraffes”) in Salida, Villa Groovy and beyond!"