The mission of Full Circle Restorative Justice is: “To enhance the safety of our community by addressing offender accountability and to empower victims through a supportive conflict resolution process.”  Full Circle services provide an opportunity within the 11th Judicial District of Colorado for alternative dispute resolution and restorative justice, in addition to minimizing an individual’s involvement with the legal system.

The Full Circle Board of Directors includes residents of Colorado in Chaffee, Fremont and Saguache counties dedicated to the promotion of restorative justice as a recidivism prevention and community-building process. The focus of Restorative Justice is not punitive, but rather on addressing and resolving the underlying issues and conflict inherent in a dispute. Full Circle conference facilitatorsare trained to reach an understanding of the situation. Facilitators mediate conflict and develop a written agreement which addresses the issues and focuses on repairing the harm done — by means of restitution, community service, apology letters, etc.

As the Executive Director of Full Circle Restorative Justice (FCRJ) since 2010, Patty facilitates Victim – Offender conferences (enhanced by using NVC), in which Restorative Circles are held. These Community Justice Circles are designed to hold the offender accountable, empower the victim to be heard as part of the justice process, and to restore peace and harmony in the community.

FCRJ is a local independent non-profit (501c3) which promotes peace and community justice through dialogue and conflict resolution – leading to community connection and safety for all!

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